5 Ways to Increase Your Email Sign Ups

Email subscribers are vital consumers to any business. By registering, you know they like your brand and it’s likely they’ll become a repeat customer too. Increasing email sign-ups can be difficult so we’re sharing our top five ways to optimise your eCommerce site to increase email data capture. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Offer an Incentive

Ask yourself, why should someone sign up to receive your emails? What are you offering that will add value to their life? As consumer expectations grow, sometimes it’s not enough to offer the latest trends, inspirations and offers direct to their inbox. Users now expect something in return, a motive to sign up – this is where incentives come into play.

Whether it be free next day delivery, a 10% discount, or a free gift with purchase, it needs to be engaging, relevant and distinguishable from your competitors. If you’re looking to add a sense of urgency, why not utilise a time-restricted incentive? Making a discount code valid for just 24 hours motivates users to complete their transaction straight away.

Incorporating incentives not only increases your email database, it also increases the chance of consumers making a purchase to redeem the offer. Growing your database and increasing revenue…it’s a win-win!

Embed a Sign-Up Field

To get people signing up to your emails, they first must know where to go. Users have become familiar with finding a sign-up field in the footer of a website, often looking to see if a discount is being offered too. Varying language can also be used to entice users, swapping the regular “Sign-Up Here” choice to something more encouraging and relevant to your brand e.g. “Start Your Journey Today”, “Want to get involved?”, “Gain 10% Off Your First Order”.

Start Fitness – Embedded Sign-up Field / Sign-Up Incentive

To Pop-Up or Not Pop-Up? That Is The Question

Pop-ups are, by far, the best way to increase email sign-ups quickly, however, striking the balance between having enough pop-ups on your site and implementing so many that result in annoying potential customers, is a difficult one to get right. Using a widget, Pinpoint integrate pop-ups into your site, paying close attention to who will be using these pop-ups, ensuring incentives are clear and making it easy to close down if the user is not interested.

Supercuts Pop-Up

Tailor Your Pop-Ups to Match Your Audience

When a customer lands on a brand page, the aim should be to tailor the pop-up to the product and offer a discount that is specific to that user. Nosto a third party technology partner, provides eCommerce personalisation by utilising artificial intelligence linked to user behaviours on your website. Allowing you to create special pop-up offers utilising triggers backed up by insights and their eCommerce Intelligence Engine. These pop-ups are an efficient way of reducing exit intent, increasing your email database, and creating a sense of urgency that encourages customers to act now.

Creating 1:1 tailored shopping experiences that feel personal and enjoyable for the user at every touchpoint of their buying journey. Below shows a perfect example of tailoring pop-ups to match audience needs. We put this one in place for Regis Salons, enticing users to sign up to emails and receive a 15% off their ghd accessories order.

TOP TIP: Make sure you align your messaging across all touchpoints whenever your campaign changes to create maximum impact tailored to your individual customers.

Regis Salons

Add An Exit Pop-Up

Exit pop-ups shouldn’t be forgotten about, they can perform as equally well as the rest. Being the least intrusive of all pop-ups, this is an opportunity to seal the sign-up deal by offering an incentive (see Step 1) as the user has already expressed intention to leave your site. Not only does this help collect emails, but they are also great for reducing site abandonment and swaying hesitant buyers.

Increasing email sign-ups should be a priority for any eCommerce brand to drive customer engagement and encourage customer loyalty, in turn, delivering increased sales and revenue. Utilising simple features such as a sign-up field, offering an incentive or implementing pop-ups will help spur on users to become an email subscriber.

Struggling on where to go from here? Contact Team Pinpoint for advice on how your eCommerce site can be used to grow your email sign-ups and gain those valuable subscribers.